Jacques Maritain on the Left/Right Spectrum

Jacques Maritain (1882-1973) was a French Catholic philosopher and a close friend of St. Pope Paul VI who had an enormous influence on the Second Vatican Council. He is known as a political theorist of Christian Democracy, "Thomistic personalism," and "Integral Humanism," especially in the Catholic Worker Movement. The following excerpt is from his 1966 … Continue reading Jacques Maritain on the Left/Right Spectrum

What is Liberation Theology?

...hope does not weaken commitment to the progress of the earthly city, but rather gives it meaning and strength. It is of course important to make a careful distinction between earthly progress and the growth of the Kingdom, which do not belong to the same order. Nonetheless, this distinction is not a separation; for man's … Continue reading What is Liberation Theology?

An Introduction to Good Money

The following essay is a review and guide of the “Good Money” podcast series produced by New Polity. Every episode of the series is briefly summarized. We encourage you to follow the many links below to listen and learn more.  According to the Philosopher (Ethics IV.1) it belongs to the liberal man to part with … Continue reading An Introduction to Good Money