Vladimir Lenin on the Errors of the Sexual Revolution

Among her secular leftist and Communist friends, Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, often encountered lifestyles and ideologies which promoted sexual sin. As a convert to Catholicism, who repented of the “free love” and fornication of her past life, Dorothy frequently referenced Lenin’s commentary on “bourgeois immorality” to help her revolutionary friends understand … Continue reading Vladimir Lenin on the Errors of the Sexual Revolution

Wendell Berry on the “Cheerful Prophets” of Modernity

The following easy excerpt is from Chapter Six: "The Use of Energy” of Wendell Berry’s famous book “The Unsettling of America” (1977), an essential critique of the cultural and agricultural damage caused by the technocratic domination of farming and food production. Though it seems impossible to distinguish between the living and the mechanical aspects of … Continue reading Wendell Berry on the “Cheerful Prophets” of Modernity

The Enclosure of the Commons

The great landlords destroyed deliberately and of set purpose and to their own advantage the common rights over common land. The small plutocracy with which they were knit up, and with whose mercantile elements they were now fused, directed everything to its own ends. That strong central government which should protect the community against the … Continue reading The Enclosure of the Commons

Free Printable Pamphlets Available Now

What's the reason behind the 47-year failure of the pro-life movement to end the legalized massacre of the unborn? Based on the teaching of St. John Paul II, we believe that it's because of an attempt to serve both God and Mammon. By allying with the free-market capitalism of the mainstream GOP, pro-lifers have been … Continue reading Free Printable Pamphlets Available Now