The Melting Pot of Whiteness

The United States is often called a great melting pot of immigrants. But because of the insatiable greed of early American capitalists, the beautiful potential of this heritage was thrown into chaos, hatred, and disorder.  Horrible crimes were committed on all immigrants to establish the racial hierarchy: many know how wealthy plantation masters and land … Continue reading The Melting Pot of Whiteness

Racism is a Tool to Divide the Working-Class

Under capitalism, a very small number of super-rich owners, called capitalists, control the vast majority of society. Because they are incredibly outnumbered by the working-class, capitalists have always needed many tools to divide and conquer workers. From early on in modernity, racism has been one of these essential tools. Throughout Latin America, where Catholicism was … Continue reading Racism is a Tool to Divide the Working-Class

How the Law Taught Racism in the United States

The United States of America was built to be a racist country by colonial-era capitalists, not by the common people. Racial conflict did not arise from “natural” differences between races, but because of the labor demands of profit and greed. In some academic circles, there were debates about early race theory. But for the average … Continue reading How the Law Taught Racism in the United States

The Modern Origins of Race Theory

Some people look different. Some people act different. But the idea that humanity is divided into a few distinct “races” is one of the useful fictions of modernity, first developed by liberals, for the purpose of perpetuating capitalism. There have always been words to describe different cultures, such as the word ethnē, which appears frequently … Continue reading The Modern Origins of Race Theory