Clothe the naked

I was naked and you clothed me.

—Matt 25: 35

 Befriend those who go without.

Jesus’ parable of the Sheep and the Goats reminds us that Christ is uniquely encountered in acts of love for the poor. Recall that the “love” is equally important as “for the poor.” Learn names, shake hands, embrace, listen attentively, play games, and cultivate friendships. If giving to the naked has no intention of love, it is devoid of virtue.

Participate in clothing drives.

Inquire at your parish about clothing drives. If there are no opportunities ask your fellow parishioners. If none exist already, establish connections between your local parish and relevant organizations and groups. If nothing organized is immediately available, organize a clothing drive among your friends and family.

Purchase clothing for beggars.

Those who live in cities will often come across beggars. Instead of ignoring them, carry small bills to give. Be aware of local retail stores and offer to purchase clothes for those in need. Those who do this frequently can establish friendships with both the poor and with establishments who may cooperate in providing free or discounted clothing. If you, your family or your friends own such an establishment, create a business charity for this purpose. If you are employed by such an establishment, urge them to do likewise.

Knitting for a cause.

If you knit as a hobby, spend some time to make necessary attire for the poor. If you are part of a knitting club, suggest the same to the group. Donate such wares to charities, clothing drives, or the poor you encounter in your daily life. Of special interest might be hats and gloves for Christmas.