Bear Wrongs Patiently

If when you do what is right, you suffer for it and patiently endure it, this finds favor with God.

—1 Peter 2:20

Revolution of the Heart.

Create within your soul a revolution of the heart. Practice virtue so that it becomes second-nature to your being. Pray without ceasing, especially the Jesus prayer, to better understand yourself and your relationship with God. Practice forgiveness, peace, justice, and mercy in all things.

Hold your tongue.

When you are angered, hold your tongue. Do not yell or express fury. Do not curse, and especially do not denigrate other persons. If you are in the shopping line, and it is taking forever, do not get mad, but be patient. If you are on the road, and someone cuts you off, contain your rage and control your speech. Create a culture of what is Good.

Bear your crosses patiently.

Many are afflicted with difficult family members, cruel enemies, or other crosses. When you encounter a perceived injustice, practice humility and mercy. Forgive offenses. Refuse to allow spite and resentment take hold of you by daily prayer.