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We welcome both fellow Catholics and all people of good will to work with us on projects and campaigns which serve the common good. 

Tradistae is always eager for remote volunteers who can write, edit, and translate. We also welcome those who wish to contribute art, music, or audio recordings. Volunteers are also needed who can respond to emails, create graphics, update the website, or manage social media. 

We believe that 1) every parish should have a house of hospitality, such as a Catholic Worker, 2) every family should have an intentional community, such as parish a village, and 3) every worker should be part of a union, homestead, cooperative, or guild. If you are interested in organizing or joining any of these communities, please be in touch.

Speaking Requests:
Sean Domencic (the director of Tradistae) can be requested to speak at conferences, rallies, and parishes, or to lead retreats and workshops. For more information, click here