Tradistae Reading Lists

It could also be said of Jerome that…“by assiduous reading and constant meditation he made his heart a library of Christ”. Jerome spared no effort in expanding his own library, which he always viewed as an indispensable workshop for understanding the faith and the spiritual life; in this way he serves as a fine example also for the present time. But he did not stop there. For him, study was not limited to the years of his youthful training, but a continual commitment, a daily priority…

—Pope Francis, Scripturae Sacrae Affectus (30 September 2020)

“Sermons of the Saints”

Each of these books contains a collection of sermons from great preachers and Saints of social justice. Saint Basil and Saint John are Doctors of the Church from the 4th century. Saint Oscar Romero was the archbishop of San Salvador, martyred in 1980. 

“Introductions to Integralism”

For the confused: 

For the curious:

For the committed:

“Three Is Company”

Find two (or more) friends for a reading group. Then read and discuss three essays per week (or per month for those with busy schedules) on each of the three topics.

Week/Month One: Distributism

Week/Month Two: Integralism

Week/Month Three: Ecology

Postlude: The Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker Movement | Catholic Worker

“Reject Modernity / Return to Tradition”

The following books provide an understanding of how human thought has been changed by modernity, looking at four different aspects: 

The following books provide an understanding of how modernity happened, looking at four different catalysts:

The Tradistae Curriculum

Friends of Tradistae are encouraged to read all of the Easy Essays on our website, beginning with the explanation of the project: “Re-Introducing Easy Essays“. The entire list of can be found here. Easy Essays are made for everyone, not just academics, and are all under 500 words. Because the project is ongoing, this reading program is a work-in-progress, which will be updated to include new essays. Those wishing to form a reading group may consider selecting just one section at a time to read and discuss.

Section I: Introducing Key Concepts

Section II: Remembering the Ideals of Christendom

Section III: Demystifying the History of Modernity

Section IV: Analyzing Late Stage Capitalism

Section V: Imagining the Kingdom of God on Earth

Section VI: Listening to the Popes

Section VII: Following the Forerunners

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