The Tradistae Podcast: Episode List

The Tradistae Podcast, hosted by Sean Domencic, was created for Catholics and all people of goodwill to discuss such topics as Catholic Social Teaching, the Catholic Worker Movement, distributism, integralism, environmentalism, tradition, social justice, and more.

Note: before episode #40, public and Patreon episodes are listed in the same numbering. Afterwards, Patreon episodes have been listed separately and Sean began producing monthly “Easy Excerpt” and Easy Essay” recordings. The public podcast has concluded since Easter 2022, as discussed in its final episode.

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All Episodes:

A Conclusion to the Tradistae Podcast (Easter 2022)

#50 A Distributist Deep Dive w/ Chris Smaje
#49 “A Manifesto of the New Traditionalism”
#48 Chris Smaje, author of ”A Small Farm Future”
#47 Julie Brown, friend of Jess Reznicek
#46 What is Liberation Theology? w/ David Inczauskis, SJ
#45 “Anabaptist Integralism?” ft. Peter Mommsen
#44 Nick Padrnos introducing “Eden Revisited”
#43 Prof. Matthew Shadle on CST
#42 The New Traditionalism
#41 Interview: Brandon McGinley on Restoring Tradition in Catholic Communities
#40 Log Off For Lent
#39 Interview: Thomas Storck on Catholic Social Teaching
#38 (Excerpt) Economics Roundtable Afterthoughts
#37.5 Pro-Life Vigil Reflections (Part 2/2, Excerpt)
#37 Pro-Life Vigil Reflections (Part 1/2)
#36.5 Catholic Economics Roundtable (Part 2/2)
#36 Catholic Economics Roundtable Discussion, (Part 1/2)
#35 Dr. Levi Russel on Usury
#34 Prelapsarian Politics: Was there a State in Eden? (Patreon)
#33.5 The Catholic Worker Virtual Conference (Part 2/2)
#33 The Catholic Worker Virtual Conference (Part 1/2)
#32 Patris Corde
#31 Deuteronomy 22 (Bible Study no. 1) (Full episode on Patreon)
#30 “Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind” by Christopher Dawson
#29 Special: Thanksgiving for 2020
#28 Interview: Marc Barnes on Integralism and Catholic Social Teaching
#27 The Duopoly and the “Working-Class” (Full episode on Patreon)
#26 Interview: Vice Presidential Candidate Amar Patel (American Solidarity Party)
#25 Inside Baseball at the Solidarity Stadium (Full Episode on Patreon)
#24 Elections and the Two-Party System
#23 Interview with Erik Bootsma, architect
#22 First Reaction to Fratelli Tutti 
#21 Guardian Angels!
#20 Interview: Presidential Candidate Brian Carroll (American Solidarity Party)
#19 Chrysostom Homily: “Heaven Upon Earth”
#18.5 Against Billionaires: The Thomistic Argument (Part 2/2)
#18 Against Billionaires: The Papal Argument (Part 1/2)
#17 March for Black Life (28 August 2020): Reflections
#16 What are “Reactionaries”?
#15 Introducing Catholic Social Action (Full episode on Patreon)
#14 The Vigil Against the Bomb: Prayer and Readings
#13 Fr. Alek Schrenk on the Embertides
#12.5 Sam Rocha Debate Interview (Part 2/2)
#12 Sam Rocha Debate Interview (Part 1/2)
#11 Rocha v. Horn Debate Analysis
#10.5 Reflections on Riots (Part 2/2): Reparation, Chastisement, and the Sign of the Times
#10 Reflections on Riots (Part 1/2): the Sin of Racism
#9 Against Acton Institute 
#8.5 Stories from Staples (Patreon)

#8 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly at the Crusade.Live Conference
#7 Sacraments During the Plague (ft. Pater Edmund)
#6 God’s Wrath, Capitalism, and the Coronavirus Plague
#5.5 The Embertide Forest (Full episode on Patreon)
#5 The Medieval v. Modern View of Nature
#4 Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, and the Origins of the Catholic Worker Movement
#3 Manufactured Consent

#2 March for Life Reflections (Part 2/2)
#1 March for Life Reflections (Part 1/2)

Audiobook and Article Recordings:

Two Readings on the Nuclear Bomb, containing “We Go On Record: The CW Response to Hiroshima” by Servant of God Dorothy Day and Original Child Bomb by Br. Thomas Merton
Resurrecting Caelum et Terra, the history of a radical Catholic magazine that kept the flame alive in the ’90s (Full episode on Patreon)

Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind“, an important essay by Christopher Dawson
Laborem Exercens
, an Encyclical of Saint Pope John Paul II

Patris Corde, an apostolic letter of Pope Francis which declared 2021 the “Year of Saint Joseph (informal reading on Patreon)

Easy Essay Recordings

The Enclosure of the Commons
What is a “Just Wage” in Catholic Social Teaching?
Private Property in Classical Liberalism vs. Christian Tradition
Planning, Regulation, and Distributive Justice
What is the purpose of law?
An Intro to Good Money
What is Liberation Theology?
Were Premodern Peasants Starving and Overworked?
What are the Commons?

Easy Excerpt Recordings

Pope Francis on Dialectics and Dialogue
Dostoyevsky on the Age of Isolation
Wendell Berry on the ”Cheerful Prophets” of Modernity
Vladimir Lenin on the Errors of the Sexual Revolution