The Tradistae Podcast: Episode List

Tradistae is creating a political podcast for Catholics and all people of goodwill about issues that matter for the God-fearing working-class. Topics include Catholic Social Teaching, the Catholic Worker Movement, distributism, integralism, environmentalism, tradition, social justice, and more.

We are trying to put out a new, free episode every week, but we don’t yet have the support to make this a guarantee. If you’d like to help cover the hosting cost and editing time it takes to make this podcast (and access patron-only content), you can support us on

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All Episodes:

#10.5 Reflections on Riots (Part 2/2): Reparation, Chastisement, and the Sign of the Times
#10 Reflections on Riots (Part 1/2): the Sin of Racism
#9 Against Acton Institute 
#8.5 Stories from Staples (Patreon)

#8 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly at the Crusade.Live Conference
#7 Sacraments During the Plague (ft. Pater Edmund)
#6 God’s Wrath, Capitalism, and the Coronavirus Plague
#5.5 The Embertide Forest (Full episode on Patreon)
#5 The Medieval v. Modern View of Nature
#4 Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, and the Origins of the Catholic Worker Movement
#3 Manufactured Consent

#2 March for Life Reflections (Part 2/2)
#1 March for Life Reflections (Part 1/2)

Audiobook and Article Recordings:

Resurrecting Caelum et Terra, the history of a radical Catholic magazine that kept the flame alive in the ’90s (Full episode on Patreon)
Laborem Exercens
, an Encyclical of Saint Pope John Paul II