Free Printable Pamphlets Available Now

What’s the reason behind the 47-year failure of the pro-life movement to end the legalized massacre of the unborn? Based on the teaching of St. John Paul II, we believe that it’s because of an attempt to serve both God and Mammon. By allying with the free-market capitalism of the mainstream GOP, pro-lifers have been supporting the same forces that turn a profit through destroying the family, exploiting the Third World, and commodifying sexuality.

This is a part of capitalism that secular leftists don’t talk about. Unfortunately, you probably won’t hear about it from the pulpit at your local parish either. That’s why we need your help to spread the word. We encourage friends of Tradistae to help share links to Easy Essays and distribute pamphlets to friends, family, local political organizations, and throughout your parish. Starting a conversation about the social encyclicals with your local priest is an important first step. As Peter Maurin reminded us nearly a century ago: “Rome will have to do more than to play a waiting game; she will have to use some of the dynamite inherent in her message.” This is even truer today.

If the Popes are right about the relationship between liberal capitalism and abortion, then there’s only one way to destroy the “culture of death” and build a “civilization of love.” We need to reject capitalism and choose life.

Each pamphlet contains citations for all facts and statistics along with important quotations from St. John Paul II (primarily from Evangelium Vitae). By printing two-sided on a sheet of paper (flip on the short edge), they can be easily folded into a tri-fold pamphlet.

  1. From Margaret Sanger to Bill and Melinda Gates, Abortion is Racist Eugenics: Easy Essay / Pamphlet PDF
  2. For Capitalists, Pregnancy is a Disease, Abortion is the Cure: Easy Essay / Pamphlet PDF
  3. Sex Sells: Abortion, Capitalism, and the Sexual Revolution: Easy Essay / Pamphlet PDF
  4. The Billionaires are Pro-Choice. You Shouldn’t Be: Easy EssayPamphlet PDF

If you’d like to support our work, you can volunteer your time to format pamphlets by contacting us or donate to Tradistae on Patreon.

Thank you. And Godspeed.